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Hey! I'm James. Thanks for visiting & taking the time to get to know me & my photography journey.

First things first: I’m local.

I grew up in the sleepy town of Los Osos, a hippie haven of the California Coast. Naturally, this upbringing influenced me with a calm & easy-going demeanor, while my genetics blessed me with a touch of neuroticism (the true key to success). Basically, I’m a silly person with a love for the simple life: yoga, meditation, music festivals, healthy eating, rock-climbing, traveling, you name it. I’m also a huge nerd and have an appreciation for all things geek, especially PHOTOGRAPHY. Here’s my journey into that world:

I’ve been drawn to the natural beauty of our world for as long as I can recall, but all I did was appreciate it...until one fateful day when I picked up a camera! Well, an iPhone, but still. ;) Over time, my interest in photography has grown into an absolute passion, improving my life in ways I never thought possible. Being behind the lens allows me to become fully present & appreciate what life has to offer in new, playful ways.

In 2015, I turned a hobby into a career by beginning to work at local photography business SLOtography alongside its founding photographer, Blake Andrews. Since then, I’ve learned quite a lot from this photo wizard and continue to serve as a photographer & lead editor at SLOtography while running my own business (you are here).

Although I enjoy capturing photos of all varieties, wedding photography has become my bread & butter and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’m a total sap for love. It is the one thing I’ll always hold onto in life, and what a privilege it is to be able to capture these blissful celebrations of love.

My work is moody AF, but happy & real. A total paradox. I utilize soft light & dynamic toning, while doing everything I can to guide clients & generally get people stoked in front of the camera. The result? Authentically happy photos with dramatic & moody flair.

When we're working together, I am first a friend! While I do practice professionalism each & every step of the way, I believe the best photos are created when the vibe is relaxed & playful. That way you can just have fun, be yourself & maybe even forget all about the camera. In short, I capture joy & create lasting, artful images with you wherever we end up. Whatever the call, it'd be an honor to capture the moment.

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