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Hey there! Thanks for stopping by and checking out my work. Here's a little snippet about ya boy:

Growing up on the Central Coast in the sleepy seaside town of Los Osos, I'm no stranger to moody skies & brilliant sunsets, but I never did anything beyond simply appreciating them... until one fateful day in 2015 when I picked up a camera! From that point on, photography has opened up my visual perspective and has even allowed my life perspective to continuously expand in a positive way! Being behind the lens allows me to take a step back and truly appreciate the endless beauty that surrounds us.

When it comes to how I operate, I consider myself "professionally chill." Before anything else, I am first a friend. As for my photography style, I like to describe it as candid and natural with a fine art twist! When taking portraits, I keep posing easy & painless. And while I always strive for excellence, I also do my best to maintain a casual vibe when we're working together so you can still let your hair down and do your thing. :)

Simply put, my goal when we're taking photos together is to make you feel less like a mannequin and more like YOU! That way you can let those natural smiles out, allow the love between you and your partner to shine, or show me how you and your family like to hang out!

Whatever the occasion, I'd be honored to capture the magic.

Thanks again for considering my work! Feel free to get in touch anytime through my contact button up top, or you can shoot me an email directly at james@jlestphoto.com.


- James

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